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What's Next?

Well, lots of things. I'm currently writing 3 novels (although one is a re-write) ready for my FIRST author signing in October. After that, it's anyone's guess as to where my muse will take me. I have plenty of covers stockpiled to keep me in the game for about 20 years, haha! I do have a rough idea of projects past October and that will be mainly focused on finishing the two series these releases will be bringing to readers attention.

Of course, anything horse related is always in the background of my mind so it's safe to say that a romance or two with an equestrian theme will pop up along the way. If you're super interested, or want a sneaky peek at covers I have for future books, join my Facebook group -

I'll keep posting random things on here to give you all some giggles. Just bear in mind when I say random, it can mean anything from film reviews to the daily giggles I get from my son.


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