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My books are available in both eBook and paperback. I am a hybrid author which means published by a company as well as self-published.

So far, I have published with Limitless Publishing, Crave Publishing, and Enchanted Anthologies. All of my books are full length novels, and all are available on most major sites such as Apple, Kobo, B&N, and Amazon. Availability on Google Play will be late 2022. 


To make it easy for you, depending on what you want to read, I've split my work into genres. As I write more, the genres will become more than just these.


My stories follow their own characters and where they then take it. I don't write to market, particular tropes, or cliches (intentionally anyway). My creations vary from steamy, explicit sex to dark, grisly murders. It just about fits my personality in all honesty - one extreme to another! 

Equine Themed Books
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