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All Shiny and New!

After months of endless problems with my previous website host, I've finally thrown in the towel with them and moved elsewhere. Alas, here I am, following a big portion of authors who love Wix.com. At the moment, I'm on a free plan (hence the weird website address), until I can swap my domains over from the old host (although I am thinking of just buying a new site address to be honest!)

Wix seems a lot easier and friendlier than the previous site editor I was using, so, fingers crossed this one will be the stayer! Anyway, as a result of it having a lot more positives, I am planning on keeping my blog updated more regularly than before.

I hope you like the new look as much as I do - of course, some layouts etc I am still tinkering with so don't be surprised if you see two different looks in as many days - I am not good at making decisions lol

As ever,

Lots of love, CJL XXX

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