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Love, Lies & Family Ties 

Love lies and Family Ties eBook NEW.jpg

The war against Keres is at hand and the lives of my people rest on me. 


But I’m not ready. Not yet. Unlike Luke and Marcus, I can’t switch off my emotions. I feel the full weight of my destiny and am well aware of how vulnerable that makes me. 


When an ancient witch with unfathomable power offers to teach me everything she knows, I jump at the opportunity too great to ignore. 

Abandoning everything I hold dear, I follow her guidance in pursuit of forbidden magic. Only by harnessing that potent sorcery will I have the strength to bring Keres to her knees. 


By the time I return, the life I left behind is in tatters. But repairing relationships will have to wait. I have a job to do. I’m finally prepared for the responsibility of leading the supernatural population, yet I never imagined the sacrifices to come… 

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