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Demons & Damnation


Who knew accidentally setting fire to a tree would end up being the precursor to a series of what I would call ‘unexplainable events.’


Well it did. Within the blink of an eye my life went from ordinary to extraordinary.


Turns out Hell really does exist, and two of Lucifer’s most loyal warriors—Azazel and Balthazar—just happen to be in my hometown.


Like you’d expect, the brothers hate each other, constantly bickering and fighting. But after witnessing one of their epic duels, something changed inside me, as if watching their rage consume them triggered my own.


Now I can’t control it. The anger. The hate. The burning need to unleash my rage on those who have done me wrong. And the deeper I delve into the supernatural world, the more I start to feel like I have this undeniable link to the underworld.


Even though Azazel and Balthazar vowed to keep the darkness from consuming me, I’m afraid not even the Princes of Hell will be able to stop it.

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