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Demons & Damnation


Some say all it takes is one day to change a life. Kyla Marshall would beg to differ. She knows all it takes is a single, fiery act of rebellion.


When Kyla accidentally sets an ancient oak tree ablaze, she unknowingly triggers a series of events that would make even the Devil raise an eyebrow. Enter Azazel and Balthazar, two of Lucifer's most notorious Princes of Hell, currently on their annual three-month vacation in a sleepy English village.


Wrapped up in their own bitter feud and sibling rivalry, these demons have no idea they're about to become the catalyst for a woman teetering on the edge of darkness.


Witnessing one of their explosive arguments firsthand, Kyla's dormant rage awakens, threatening to consume her entirely. As she delves deeper into the supernatural world, seeking answers, Kyla discovers her own place within it—and a whole lot of power to go with it.


While the demon brothers trade barbs and blows, Kyla battles her inner demons, struggling to control her newfound abilities before they control her.


But there's a dark, sinister force lurking on the horizon, one that not even the Princes of Hell saw coming.

Can Kyla master her powers before she loses herself to the darkness? Will Azazel and Balthazar stop bickering long enough to help her? Or will they all fall victim to the evil creeping ever closer?


Prepare for a wickedly humorous and devilishly steamy tale of power, darkness, and the thin line between salvation and sin.

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