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Angel of the Crypt

Angel of the crypt ebook.jpg

I’m a fallen angel damned to walk the Earth alone with nothing but my own shame keeping me company. I’ve learned to accept my fate…until I cross paths with a demon hunter.


The universe tries to convince me that the hunter is my soulmate. But I can’t accept that. Not only is Ronin a demon hunter touched by angels, he’s also human. The vessel that carries his soul isn’t strong enough to survive our love. To survive me.


No matter how hard I try to push him away, he’s determined to prove that we can beat the odds against us. But I’m not willing to take that chance. What kind of being would that make me if I risked his life so I can escape my eternal loneliness—even just for a short while?


Unfortunately, it seems that we might not have a choice. There’s a threat looming over the Heavens, and it’s up to Ronin and me to put a stop to Lucifer and his plan to gain power.


But we’re not strong enough. Not unless we solidify our bond and accept our fate by becoming one.


In order to save the world, I need to risk the one man who managed to thaw my heart.


If I don’t…the world as we know it will be destroyed.

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