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The Red Riding Hoods

The Red Riding Hoods Ebook NEW.jpg

I’m part of a family of elite werewolf hunters, the Red Riding Hoods. Being the only girl among six brothers I’m determined to prove myself—especially when it comes to my father.  


On my first hunt things don’t exactly go according to plan. Somehow I manage to accidentally kill a guy who then just miraculously comes back to life. Turns out, Ashley isn’t just an ordinary man. But it’s only after I discover who and what he really is that things start spiralling out of control.


My family’s history seems to be laced with secrets. And the more I look for answers, the deeper I fall into a web of lies and deceit. Ashley, and my hunting partner, Jacques, are the only two people I can trust as my search for the truth turns deadly.


But in the end, while I start piecing together the puzzle of who the Red Riding Hoods really are, there’s only one question that matters.


Is blood really thicker than water?

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