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Love, Lies & Immortal Ties 

Love lies and immortal Ties ebook.jpg

I moved to Whitby expecting my days to be filled with grief and heartache while I watched my father die. But turns out the town has much more to offer a teenage girl like me.


His name is Marcus Davenport. Rich. Powerful. Popular. Not. Human.


If I were smart, I would have run the other way when I realized what he was. But there’s this undeniable pull between us, a heartbeat that brings us both to life whenever we’re together.


I convinced myself it was fate drawing lines in the sand, the beginning of a love story that would end with forever. But I was wrong.


Turns out the blood running through my veins is tied to Marcus in a way that corrupts everything we feel for each other. It’s no longer something I can trust.


Nothing is as it seems. The paranormal residents of Whitby altered my reality forever, and now I’m caught in a web of dark secrets and deadly deceits. 


The future is more uncertain than it has ever been, and I have no idea what’s going to happen between Marcus and me.


Oh, and then there’s Luke, another one of this town’s little secrets…and one huge complication.

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