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Love, Lies & Eternal Ties 

Love lies and eternal EBOOK.jpg

Nothing is the same anymore. Everything has changed. Even me.

The power that runs through my veins makes me a target. But I won’t run, not until I’ve saved my mother from an execution she does not deserve.

The Elders want her dead for breaking one of their cardinal laws—laws they’ve put in place to ensure control over all species. Now, it’s up to me to end their rule with the magic I carry inside me. But every spell, every move I make comes at a price; and I was okay with that.

Until I discovered I have more to lose than I ever could have imagined.

With both Luke and Marcus at my side I have no choice but to do everything I can to keep the truth from them. This deadly secret I carry has the potential to ruin everything we’ve fought for.

But in the end a decision needs to be made…and I’ll have to be the one to carry the consequences.

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