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Love, Lies & Blood Ties 

Love lies and Blood Ties ebook.jpg

Marcus broke my heart. The secrets he kept from me tainted our relationship by turning every moment we shared into a lie.

While I try to forget about my feelings for him, I find comfort with Luke and his horses. With Luke I almost feel…normal—if that’s even possible. But the more I fight against Marcus and this unexplainable magnetism between us, the harder it becomes for me to stay away.

I’m weak when it comes to him, and I hate that he has this hold on me—a hold that is so strong it tears my heart out every damn time. But then I discover something about my own heritage that empowers me to take my fate in my own hands.

Now, I have the power to fight those who think they can take advantage of me, and it feels good. Too good.

That’s the thing about power. If you’re not careful it will consume you. Enough will never be enough, and it will suck you in until there is no longer any way out.

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