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The Golden Winged Horse

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Faye has always believed in fairies. There has been so many tales of the pretty mythical creatures, there was no doubt in her mind that they really existed. But it’s only when she finds a golden winged horse trapped in her house that her beliefs are proved to be true.


She learns that without the magical horse flying around the world spreading fairy dust, children are no longer able to sleep in peaceful dreams. It’s only a matter of time before chaos erupts due to the restlessness of tired children. 


The fairies are reluctant to put their trust in a human girl, but the horse is held captive beyond their boundaries and an alliance with Faye is the only way for them to get him back safely. But as Faye delves deeper into the magical world, she discovers a secret her family has been hiding from her for years.


Now, Faye is forced to choose between the happiness of those she loves, and a world she is desperate to protect.

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