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Of Witchery & Carnage

Of Witchery & Carnage - Ebook.jpg

I'm the love child of a romance that never should have happened. 


Born of a witch and a mage. Squirreled away in an orphanage, oblivious to my heritage. All that changed one crisp winter's morning when a raven visited me, telling me it was time to claim the throne that is rightfully mine.


My father, once a powerful mage king, was overthrown and put to death when his people learned of my existence. Fearing for her life, my mother fled the lands, never to be heard from again.


Under the current rule, my kingdom is in shambles. People are crying out for a true leader. In their archaic way of thinking, I’m an abomination that shouldn’t exist. Yet the power surging through my veins, belonging to two differing sides of an ancient rivalry, may be their only hope. 


Can I reclaim my throne and bring peace to a millenia-long war? Or will I pay with my life, like my father before me?

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