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Guardians of the Temple

Guardians of the temple ebook.jpg

Maya never asked for the destiny thrust upon her the day she was named next Guardian of the ancient Temple of Spheres. As overseer of magic's potential itself, she must defend against those who would twist its power and unleash chaos.

When the ruthless sorcerer Valkor invades her realm seeking a mythical relic hidden within her temple, Maya finds herself thrust into the midst of a cosmic battle like never before.

Whilst still learning her powers and bonding with her beast Tybalt, Maya must join forces with Guardians of the other temples to stop Valkor from seizing the Primordial Prism sealed in her care.

However, stopping him requires breaching the Prism’s containment herself. Can she tap into its power yet resist corruption that consumed prior Guardians? Or will she lose herself, as others did? Will Valkor reshape existence if she fails to match might with might?

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