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A Spell of Fate

A Spell of Fate - CJ Laurence (Ebook).jpg

When apprentice mage Galen’s forbidden spell rips open a mystical portal, it unleashes pandemonium, accidentally summoning the free-spirited Lady Serra across time and space. As malevolent forces threaten to consume his entire world, Galen races to conceal his calamitous mistake from his vengeful master.

Determined to take control of her predicament, the defiant Serra plots her escape from Galen's tower. Though reluctant to return home to her impending arranged marriage, she must find a way back before her absence leads to greater woes. Intent on beguiling Galen's guarded ally Elrik, she hatches a plan to bargain for passage back to her own realm.

But Elrik faces his own impossible choice: ignore Serra’s pleas and urge Galen to seal the widening rift before its ancient evil devours the realm, or help Serra return home though it could bring ruination.

With his fruitless attempts to close the breach only feeding its power, Galen must either confess his failure to the mage and beg for aid, or sacrifice his world to protect his secret.

Yet Serra alone harbours the means to close the rupture forever...or unleash complete annihilation. At the crossroads of destiny, Serra must decide her path – a choice that will determine the future of all realms when revelations come to light.

Can Galen redeem his fatal lapse before oblivion falls?

Will Elrik betray all to follow his conscience?

Will Serra shape her fate or succumb to doom?

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