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Howwwling Murder
Creepy Hollow 3

Howwwling Murder Amazon.jpg

M.J. is picking his route for trick or treating, when he spots a run down manor with a big doghouse. Drawn by his love of dogs, he decides to investigate. 


Just when he’s beginning to think the lights are on but no one is home, he hears a rustling in the bushes. Out steps an enormous wolf who appears to be injured. M.J. is about to call for help on his walkie talkie when he intercepts a broadcast about a body being found in the park. 


The instant the words are uttered, the wolf transforms into a man who pleads that the monsters in Creepy Hollow are innocent and being set up. Riddled with doubt and suspicions, M.J. eyes his walkie talkie.


Should he call his friends… or his parents?

RELEASING 31.10.23
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