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Wrapped in Mystery
Creepy Hollow 1

Wrapped in Mystery Amazon.jpg

Something curious has come to the town of Ridgemont. The normally festive berg, which relishes year-round celebrations and festivities, is set on edge by an ominous feeling of dread. 


After strange occurrences happen in town, parents watch with palpable unease as their children prepare for Halloween fun. Yet a group of six young friends is determined to get their fill of candy. Setting off on their pre-planned route, they find themselves on a side of town they never knew existed. 


Grumpy mummies. 

Skittish monsters. 

A broken spell. 


Nothing is as it seems in Creepy Hollow, and it’s up to the team of friends to uncover the truth about this hidden village of ghouls. Have they found the culprits behind the oddities occurring in Ridgemont? Or are the monsters pawns in a far bigger scheme? 

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