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Retribution eBook - C.J. Laurence.jpg

After years of torment and pain, I’m just a shadow of the woman I once was. Even now, after months of freedom, the lingering aches of broken bones, and the memories of unspeakable horrors still keep me from living a life of peace.


While I try my best to put back all the broken pieces, the last thing I need is another man—or so I thought.


Jake is one of Hollywood’s hottest, most popular actors. He’s the kind of man a woman like me should avoid at all costs. But his determination to prove to me that happiness is more than just a shattered dream slowly starts to break down my defenses, and I start to hope that I might still be able to find love.


Unfortunately, with a painful history like mine, hoping for a better future can turn out to be a huge mistake—especially when the demons of your past refuse to let you go.

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