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Cowboys & Horses

Cowboys and horses ebook.jpg

One could say I had it all. A good job. Flashy car. Sparkling diamond on my ring finger. Sounds perfect right? Well, it was…until I found my fiancé in bed with my sister.


After that traumatic ordeal, I was a pathetic mess trying to scrape together the pieces that was left of my life. And that’s how I ended up here, on a dude ranch, surrounded by the one thing able to give me solace…horses.


Slowly I begin to feel alive again, and gather the courage to think about the future. But it’s not until I meet the Head Wrangler, Brady, that I start to wonder if there’s still hope for my broken heart.


Besides the fact that Brady is as sexy as he is cool, I soon realize that there’s more to him than just toned muscles and good looks.


Brady has secrets of his own—secrets that might have the potential to destroy an already wounded heart…like mine.

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