Own a paperback of C.J. Laurence's dark fantasy, Versipellis Lupus Venandi. Additionally, add in your own personal message at no extra cost. Have something on your bookshelf no-one else will - a signed paperback just for you!



Meet the Red Riding Hoods—an elite family who have hunted werewolves since the early 13th century. Only this family has the power and the know-how of keeping these rabid beasts from over-running the earth. The question is, do they want to?

Katana Kempe is the youngest of seven children and the only daughter of Malaceia Kempe—the fearsome head of The Red Riding Hood family business. Held back by her father over the years, Katana is more than eager to strut her stuff and show that the female species have as much of a right in the hunting field as the men.

Thinking he can show her just how dangerous it is out there, Malaceia picks an unusual case for his daughter’s first official hunt. However, what he doesn’t account for is Ashely Renata—a meddlesome stranger who is somewhere he really shouldn’t be.

When Ashley and Katana cross paths, a heated fight reveals that Ashley is no ordinary man, and Katana’s family has a whole host of dark, dangerous secrets. With werewolf attacks at risk of uncontrollable levels, Katana turns to an unlikely source for help.

However, the person she turns to has a price to pay, leaving Katana fighting with her own morals in more than one way. Does blood run thicker than water or will Katana follow her thirst for justice?

Versipellis Lupus Venandi Paperback

  • An 5 x 8 paperback of the novel 'Versipellis Lupus Venandi' by C.J. Laurence. Glossy cover. Free bookmark included.

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