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Love, Lies & Family Ties 

Love lies and Family Ties eBook NEW.jpg

Luke and Marcus are asking the impossible of me and I can’t do it. I don’t have that edge to my soul where I can switch off my emotions. I know before I even step foot in the Elder Court that I am doomed to fail.

But then I meet an ancient witch, one with power so great, I cannot fathom what she is capable of. When she offers to teach me everything she knows, I give in.

Abandoning everything in my life to chase after dreams of wielding forbidden magic, I follow her into the unknown, thinking only of how accessing this potent sorcery will aide me in my ultimate goal.

By the time I return, the life I left behind is in tatters. Not only do I have a job to finish, but I have relationships to repair. If they will let me.

I always knew that with great power comes great responsibility, but it never entered my head that it also comes with great sacrifices…

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